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Ayuda advocates for and defends the legal and human rights of low-income Latino and foreign-born people living in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We serve immigrants who come from many parts of the world and speak many different languages.

Ayuda provides:

  • Legal services focusing on immigration and domestic violence/family law issues
  • Social services to immigrant victims and survivors of domestic violence
  • Training for organizations and professionals

Ayuda’s services are low-cost, for people who cannot afford to pay a private attorney. When we consult with you, we will give you the best information we have and be honest with you about your legal options.

The conversations we have with you are confidential. Ayuda does not report undocumented people to immigration officials.

Languages: Spanish, French, English. If you speak another language, we’re glad to work with you through an interpreter.

For information about our consultation hours, please click here.