Domestic violence and sexual assault seriously endanger the health, safety, financial independence, and dignity of all victims. The DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) reports that there are over 31,000 reports of violence against women in DC each year.

These crimes are devastating to the self-confidence, family relationships, self-sufficiency and safety of everyone they effect, but the crisis strikes even deeper for low-income immigrants. Immigrant victims rarely report crimes and for many reasons often remain trapped in their abusive situations. Immigrant victims are also generally unfamiliar with the US legal system and unaware of the protections and benefits available to them.  Ayuda provides critical services to educate and assist victims to live lives free from violence.

Ayuda’s Program

Responding to the needs of the community, Ayuda began providing domestic violence services in 1986. Since that time, our Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Program has become a national model for offering holistic legal and social services in a culturally sensitive environment to low-income immigrant victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Ayuda’s Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program serves both women and men from all over the world.

Legal Services: Ayuda staff offer immigrant victims of domestic violence and sexual assault a full range of legal services including assistance in both family law and immigration matters. Ayuda attorneys assist clients with a wide variety of immigration issues, as well as with Temporary and Civil Protection Orders, legal separation, divorce, child custody and visitation, and child support. 

In addition Ayuda handles the modification, extension and enforcement of all of the above orders and civil contempt for the violation of the above orders. Ayuda also handles criminal contempt for the criminal violation of Civil Protection Orders

Social Services:Ayuda provides crisis intervention and comprehensive case management services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Ayuda social workers assist clients to secure emergency and transitional shelter, food, clothing, medical and mental health care for themselves and their children by accessing the appropriate community resources.

While many of Ayuda’s domestic violence and sexual assault clients also receive legal assistance from Ayuda, it is not required in order to receive social services. 

Get Help

To get help please call (202) 387-4848 or come to our walk-in hours for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault: Washington DC, Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Falls Church, VA, Intakes for VA domestic violence/sexual assault survivors are by appointment only (703-444-7009 x 15). In the event of an emergency, survivors can contact VA's 24-hour family violence & sexual assault hotline (1-800-838-8238) for immediate assistance.

For directions to our offices please click here.